We are here compiling a list of movies and documentaries on trading & investing.

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#1. Wall Street

Director: Oliver Stone


#2. Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps

Director: Oliver Stone


#3. The Wolf of Wall Street

Director: Martin Scorsese


#4. The Pursuit of Happyness

Director: Gabriele Muccino


#5. The Big Short

Director: Adam Mckay


#6. Gafla

Director: Sameer Hanchate

Gafla was the first ever Bollywood movie which was based on events of dalal street. The movie was inspired from the 1992 stock market scam which mainly involved Harshad Mehta. The movie portrays the ambitions of a small guy who later get caught up in scam. In 1992, Sensex witnessed a sharp rise from 2000 levels to 4500 within three months from January to March which later fell down to 2500 within the same year.

The movie is a great source of inspiration and learning for the new comers to the market. And surely a must watch for Indian traders & investors.