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A complete solution for every new or experienced trader to get the right filtered market facts or information at one place. No more jumping from place to place, trying to figure out what is happening in the market and finding the right info for you. It’s all in one place.

Do keep in mind that this is not any buy or sell advisory service. This is to ensure that you have all the tools and right information and knowledge on all different trading dimensions before you enter the arena and be well prepared.

Just like you don`t teach Sachin Tendulkar how to bat similarly this community is not to tell you what and where to trade rather this is to show you all what is behind that trade and we will provide you all the right information and tools and knowledge required like the pitch report, weather report, information about the opposition team – the bowling, fielding and other stats and facts before you pads on and enters the cricket ground.

It is just Like a pilot needs all the tools, data and information about weather, position of other planes, lighting’s at runways etc to ensure the safety of the aircraft at runway or in air.

So when it comes to trading, its about getting pre-ready with a detailed trading plan – capital management, risk management, and trade management and what it takes to take real trades in the market, control on emotions, and how to manage trades effectively for best trading results.

This might help you find the opportunities developing for trading or for investing & will surely save a lot of your time from jumping here and there for information. This is like crystallizing everything and putting… All In One Place…For You.

#JustTrading… Nothing Else.


Trading Room




BankNifty Shadow Trading Account aims to share with you the performance and real-time BankNifty day trades of our Model Day Trading Account.
And, Everything behind the real trade – Our analysis, charts, rules, reasons, and thoughts. Every thing a trader needs to learn on becoming a successful day trader.

To make it more simple. We have dedicated a trading account specifically for this which helps you to know and understand how one should approach day trading and trade safe in the market.

In this Shadow Trading Account, We only day trade BankNifty Future & Options and no overnight position will be carried.

We are dedicating a initial base capital of Rs. 2 lacs.

We aim:-

  • To keep our Risk Per Trade max to 1-2% (avg. 1.5%) of the total capital. So, in this case, the  stop loss per trade will be between Rs 2000-4000.


  • Our Average Stop Loss point in a trade to 50 points per lot i.e. risk of Rs. 1000 per lot. So we will be trading 2-4 lots per trade (depending on the type of the market trend and trade opportunity).


  • To target an Accuracy of more than 50% and Reward:Risk of 2:1 or more at the end of the month.

Remember, this is an “Active Trading Account” where we may be taking 8-20 trades in a month or sometimes ever more. It may happen someday we will take more than one trade while on some day we don not trade at all (depending on market condition)

Do keep in mind, this is no where an advisory service. This room and account is just to show you all what is behind day trading. We request you not to copy paste the trades in your account rather learn how we approach day trading. Also, we are not sure whether we will end up with losses or profits. Our aim is to take the trade which are within our capital, risk rules and leave the rest on the markets.

Apart from our BankNifty Shadow Trading Room, you will get access to our JustTrading.in Channel which is open for all where we share a lot of interesting stuff ranging from trading psychology, trade management, and everything what is required by a trader to keep going.

Some Snapshot of our JustTrading BankNifty Shadow Trading Room.

Some Snapshot of our JustTrading.in Telegram Channel.





This Equity Shadow Trading Account aims to share with you the performance and real trades of our Equity Model Portfolio.

Also we will share with you all the rules, reasons, and thoughts behind taking the stock positions. Every thing a stock trader needs to learn on becoming a successful positional trader .

In this Equity Shadow Trading Account, We only take positions in Equity for few days to months (depending on whether our stop loss is hit or our trade is in place). No day trade will be there.

This is a “Passive Long Only Portfolio” which takes positions only when markets are supportive or in up trend stocks only. It may happen that we may not take position for weeks or months. So Be Patient.

Do keep in mind, this is no where an advisory service. This account is just to show you all what is behind learning equity trading.


Some quick check on why, what and how`s..

# Why not simple buy or sell advisory service or newsletter?

Because we feel that both of them are like half baked food. As Trading is not just about what stock to buy or sell and at what price rather it is about when to buy, how to buy, how much to buy, how to manage the trade, where to exit, how much to exit, when to trail stops, when to exit early and when to carry positions and more importantly knowing when not to trade and lot more….

Also, as trading is a life long learning process and advisory/newsletter are half backed food that will only cause stomach issues. Like you need to know and use the right ingredient in right proportions to make a tasty food similarly it is with markets or trading.

So this community will help you get the right filtered info you need and learn how we use that info or facts to trade the markets. So, be ready to learn to catch the fish and not get one served right on the table.

# For whom this Community is not for?

– Expecting Quick Rich

As this is no where a buy or sell advisory service. Rather we share what we have learnt during the course of our trading journey. And as we said trading is a life long learning process so this community will help to fasten up your learning curve and not commit same stupid silly mistakes which we committed or other new aspiring traders commit out of ignorance or lack of knowledge, or experience.

– Fundamental / Long Term Investors

We truly rely on supply and demand analysis and less on fundamentals. Our task is not to gather much info about the company we are trading rather we analyse what those who are interested or participating in that company are doing. This does not mean we do not evaluate or include fundamentals of the company but mostly its demand and supply analysis. We generally investTrade i.e. we invest for few months to years.

– EveryDay Traders

We remain calm and silent most of the time. Trading or even day trading does not mean more activity. The best activity that a trader can do is no activity at all. Just as Usain Bolt said, it is not about the 9.5 seconds I take to run 100 meter race rather it is about the time, effort, dedication, loyalty, hard work I have put in to do that in just 9.5 seconds.

So trading is not that one second act of pressing buy or sell button rather it is about the preparation before the trade. And, most of the time we just Prepare, Prepare, and Prepare. Therefore, you can expect more information about the market and insights which will help us prepare to do good in 9.5 seconds.

Also, if you are one of those who wants to learn how to trade everyday and in every single move then this trading room is not for you. Because day trading is all about finding and trading your edge. It happens on days we dont find a single trade even when market rallies 1000 points straight. This doesnt matter to us at all as we always wait for our patterns, setups to form and if they are within our risk rules we enter. Else we remain calm and prepare for the next one.

Please Read this article to understand how we see trading or day trading.. Why Trading Everyday is a Silly Plan (And What to Do Instead)


# Why not Free?

Free makes this community more spam prone. Free means more non interested people (even those who are not aspiring traders) will join just to see what is happening or spam, they will join and effect the environment. So we are looking for some serious aspiring or real traders. And to make it affordable we have kept the cost too low so that anyone can opt for it and learn. If still you feel you need some more relaxation in cost, do send us an email and we will review your case separately.


# Why no Trail or Monthly Plans?

As markets do not move according to us rather we have to move with the market as markets are supreme. We believe in Prepare Right, Trade and Sit Tight. There are dull days and there are active days too. Therefore, whenever markets are dull or too violent or we have exited some positions then we may not do anything for days. While there are days when we are very active taking positions in stocks or bank nifty future or exiting some at a loss or profit.


# How Many Markets do You Track and Trade?

Its not about the number of markets rather what we do when good trade come in our respective market. Just like you stick with few of you best friends similarly we remain stick to few and try to know as much as we can about them. So we remain stick to our markets wait for something to come up and when its not we are ok to sit idle and do nothing. Just Prepare Right and Sit Tight.

So, at present we only trade :-

– BankNifty Futures & Options (mostly intraday rarely positional), and

– Stocks (in Equity Positional and never intraday). Positions we carry for few days to weeks or even months.


# What this community is not?

– Not any buy sell advisory service

– Not any news breaking channel. We don`t track news nor we trade on any news. Just Demand and Supply analysis. We just keep a track of big news days like RBI policy, Result days, Budget etc.


# What is the medium of communicating the information?

At present, we will use Telegram / WhatsApp Broadcast to communicate all the information we will use to take the real trades in the market.

We are planning to start a Live Trading Room session, but it might take some time to get into it. Till then we will use WhatsApp or Telegram as a source to communicate. You can also join our Twitter or Facebook Community (which are open for all) where we share general information and private trading room updates.


# What you should not do?

Do not share the information with others or in other WhatsApp or telegram group. This information we share is specifically for the JustTrading Community. If we find anyone doing same, we will at the moment barred you from our community.