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You’re Awesome.

And you’ve got Skills. Or you are willing to learn new ones to take a better control of your own finances. You’ve dipped your toes in the trading business earlier- but you’re not sure it’s enough to escape your day job or start big.
You want to start making some real money but aren’t sure where to start. You’re not sure how to actually turn your hobby and interest into a money-making thing and realize your dream of success and being independent- to live where you want, and take vacations when you please….

Starting Small -

A Proud Indian.

I am not a professional trader neither done any courses or attended seminars on trading. But trading business was something that fascinated me from the very beginning.  While at a day job, I started to put in a lot of efforts to learn and acquire the trading knowledge by reading a lot of trading books and stories of those traders who made a mark in the trading world. This made me believe that to be successful in the trading business one needs to teach self at every step of trading journey to acquire and learn a lot of skills, patience, self control, and specially a learning attitude.

I ended up making more money from my side-gig than I did at my job. So I escaped my day job. And now I work from my office at home, don’t set an alarm clock to run on kms to reach office, and even forget to eat lunch on many days. Most of all, I’m happy.

And I want you to be too. You have skills or can easily get some. Skills that can give you more life-satisfaction by trading the markets – The Skills that no one can ever take away from you, the skills that will stay with you forever, and the skills that will give you a purpose in life even when you are so called “Retired”.


All great things start small!

I know how hard and tough it is to live the life fighting for the basics. And, we all deserve a lot better and more fruitful life where our family don`t have to keep cutting on their small things they desire.

This JustTrading project, we are dedicating to all those great people out there who are trying hard enough of them to create a better future for their family and their small universe of people they live in.
So, lets unite together and help each other achieve the basics of life we all deserve and make this world a better place to live.

We dream to make atleast 3.5 lac people independent and profitable so that common people like us can make a decent living out of trading & investment & have a better and improved life for themselves and other.

We believe “Small Is Beautiful” and we (the common people) have a higher chances of success in trading business as we already have or know the importance of saving, money, patience, fighting day on day, eagerness to build, big dreams and the passion to die for our dreams.



They say 95% of people enters the trading world “Just” to lose money that trading or investing as a business cannot be done. We feel that it is their indirect way of saying “They Cannot Do It” as they actually fail to put in efforts and time to learn, acquire and master “The Art of Trading”.

Traders lose money not because of lack of efforts rather because of  lack of market knowledge, dedication, understanding and implementing right trading rules, and discipline. Some of traders are even crushed very hard by those advertising news, rumors and tips for mean reasons.

We truly believe that with the sound knowledge and right guidance, they can acquire the skills & discipline to make a killing in the trading business, make consistent profits in the market and more importantly learn to keep them.

In India, there are total of 3.5 crore d-mat accounts and in general sense they say that 95% of the people lose money and only 5% stays in the market profitable. We vision to make this ratio rise by atleast 1%. So, to make it to 6% we dream to make 3.5 lac people profitable from trading.

People say that the big FIIs comes to Indian markets to rob the retail traders. We would wish to make these 2.33 lac traders make money from the pocket of these so called big FIIs. That`s why we dream to Make More Traders in India.


Some Dreams Deserve to Come True

So, this JustTrading Project is dedicated to all those new aspiring traders and the experienced ones to refine the trading skills they already have or learn new ones to transform themselves to became “A Great Trader”, make a better living out of Trading and finally say it one day that “I Was Born To Do This”.

Because it is possible. Here is the Proof. Check on the “real” stories of traders who have shaped the trading world, made millions from trading the markets and laid down foundations for other to follow. Get Inspired


            “more traders”

I’m on a mission to help others find freedom and success through trading!

With this project, Lets unite and work together to help each other and those dreamers (so called “misfits” by the society) to make a living out of Trading. Let`s pledge and dream to achieve our ultimate objective to MAKE (more successful traders) IN INDIA.

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Our Culture

Our Culture is our Strength. We believe that culture, people and religion of a company is way above technology, and money. As there is something that even money can`t buy.

We build our company with the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, shared values and most importantly helping, and empowering others.


Our Inspiration

Our inspiration drives from many leaders, entrepreneurs and many common people like us who created values for others and those who changed the way we live, enjoy, think, and see things.

Those we always think of in all our different sphere of life to get due inspiration, motivation to keep going and move forward for something better. Those who laid down the path for others and helped change the world. Those who follow their heart, and solved the problems of the people. Visit Inspiration

Jack Ma

Steve Jobsmahatma gandhi


Let`s Make India Smiling Big

JustCare Foundation

We at JustTrading believes that we all have a responsibility towards the society we live in. We all understand very well the meaning of trouble, pain, and challenges. It`s time for us to think of those who are stucked up and living it with a lot of them.

So, lets together help India grow by helping all Indians to not only make a decent living from trading the market & but also arise within ourselves “The Feeling of Giving” by pledging to contribute some percentage of our monthly income to the society.


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