What if someone tells you this that the business you are into has only a 1% chance of making it big. Or say only one hundred will be successful out of the 1 lakh business owners.

That’s Harsh.. I know it’s literally very harsh… but that’s the truth, that’s what the data says.

This is what has recently been published and shared by the top most Broking Company in India called zerodha that out of there 50 lakh active traders there are only say 1% or 50,000 traders of them make more than 5-6% return in a year.

That they don’t even outperform the FD returns.

This is literally an instance when we all are listening a lot about crypto multi fold returns, copy trading, computer trading, and even when the equity markets really had a good 2 year run since early 2020`s.

So why is it that only 1% are able to make out what it really takes to make it big?


Trading the style that suits them

Knowing what they need to know

Trying to copy others

Not knowing what it takes

Just like anyone can go to the internet now and read an article on ways to overcome obesity but tell me how many people are there who are consistent & able to achieve so.

Similarly, it’s all simple. 

Dont listen too much.

Try more by trading more but keeping risk per trade small

This helps you know what works and what does not work for you.

It’s just like there are runners who can copy usain bolt but cant run like usain bolt. Similarly, you can’t just copy someone who is said to be profitable.

Know Self and your Style of trading. Manage and respect risk. Aim big.

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Zerodha says Less than 1% active traders beat bank FDs. Can you be in that 1%?